How to really check halal status of a restaurant?

You are not the only one asking this question.

In fact, so many are asking the same question because there are so many halal reviews on the web nowadays claiming that a restaurant is halal simply by saying “this place is halal” or “this place is halal friendly” or “this place does not serve alchohol, wine, pork or lard” BUT without quoting any reliable source for their claims.

In Malaysia, the main source of reference of whether or not a restautant is halal certified will always be Jakim and Jakim’s records should always be referred to every time a halal review or comment is made.

This website ( aims to make it easier for you to reliably check halal status of a number of restaurants in Malaysia.

To ensure that you get the most definitive and transparent answer, all halal reviews had been checked with Jakim’s own record first before published (we also indicate clearly the date and the manner of which the halal status was checked) and will be updated regularly.

Halal Reviews.

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