Is it true Azuma Sushi Halal?

We did a check on Azuma Sushi halal status at Jakim’s own halal portal and this is what we found out.

In this halal review, you’ll see the date and the manner of which Azuma Sushi halal status was checked, list of its outlets and give your feedback regarding this halal review.

This review was updated on 5 August 2021.

What did Jakim say about Azuma Sushi halal status?

To give you a definitive answer, we checked Jakim’s own halal portal using these keywords: “AZUMA” and “RIGHT POTENTIAL”.

The word “AZUMA” was used as it’s part of this Japanese restaurant’s name.

The word ” RIGHT POTENTIAL” was used as it’s part of the owner’s name which is “RIGHT POTENTIAL SDN BHD”.

No halal record was found which also means that this Japanese restaurant, all of its outlets and menu are not halal certified by Jakim.

Outlets list below.

Azuma Sushi
Previous Halal Check.

This restaurant is still not halal certified by Jakim since our last check on 15 July 2021.

Outlets List.

As mentioned, none of these outlets is halal certified by Jakim.

  1. Sungai Petani,
  2. Juru Sentral Jaya,
  3. Arena Curve,
  4. Gunung Rapat,
  5. Eko Cheras Mall,
  6. KK City Mall,
  7. Gaya Street.
Menu List.

This is part of the menu that currently served at this restaurant.

As mentioned, none of these menu is halal certified by Jakim.

  1. Chicken Katsu Jyu.
  2. Chicken Teriyaki Set.
  3. Gindara Shioyaki / Teriyaki Set.
  4. Gyokai Yaki Meshi.
  5. Gyuniku Kimuchi Itame Set.
  6. Gyuniku Shougayaki Set.
  7. Gyuniku Tama Jyu.
  8. Gyuniku Udon / Soba.
  9. Kitsune Udon / Soba.
  10. Kunsei Kamo Udoon / Soba.
  11. Mentai Yaki Soba / Udon.
  12. Nameko Yaki Meshi.
  13. Ninniku Yaki Meshi.
  14. Oyaku Jyu.
  15. Saba Shioyaki / Teriyaki Set.
  16. Salmon Shioyaki / Teriyaki Set.
  17. Sanma Shioyaki Set.
  18. Tempura Set.
  19. Tempura Udon / Soba.
  20. Una Tama Jyu.
  21. Unagi Kabayaki Set.
  22. Wakadori Karaage Set.