Is it true Genki Sushi Halal?

We did a check on Genki Sushi halal status at Jakim’s own halal portal and this is what we found out.

In this halal review, you’ll see the date and the manner of which Genki Sushi halal status was checked, list of its outlets and give your feedback regarding this halal review.

This review was updated on 5 August 2021.

What did Jakim say about Genki Sushi halal status?

To give you a definitive answer, we checked Jakim’s own halal portal using the keyword “GENKI”.

The word “GENKI” was used as it’s part of this restaurant name and also the name of its owner that is “GENKI SUSHI (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD”.

No halal record was found which also means that this Japanese restaurant and all of its outlets are not halal certified by Jakim.

Genki Sushi
This image belongs to Genki Sushi.
Previous Halal Check.

This restaurant still not halal certified by Jakim since our last check on 22 July 2021.

Outlets List.

As mentioned, none of these outlets is halal certified.

  1. Sunway Pyramid Petaling Jaya Selangor,
  2. Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.
Menu List.

This is part of the menu that is served at this restaurant and as mentioned it’s not halal certified by Jakim.

  1. Atsuyaki Tamago (Thick Egg)
  2. Awabi (Imitation Abalone)
  3. California Temaki
  4. Dai Man Zoku – Aburi Engawa
  5. Dai Man Zoku – Aburi Garlic Butter Akaebi (Red Shrimp)
  6. Dai Man Zoku – Aburi Spicy Hamachi
  7. Dai Man Zoku – Aburi Spicy Salmon Belly
  8. Dai Man Zoku – Akaebi (Red Shrimp)
  9. Dai Man Zoku – Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp)
  10. Dai Man Zoku – Ebi Tempura (Shrimp)
  11. Dai Man Zoku – Engawa (Olive Flounder Muscle)
  12. Dai Man Zoku – Hamachi Toro (Yellowtail Belly)
  13. Dai Man Zoku – Jumbo Kanistick
  14. Dai Man Zoku – Maguro (Tuna)
  15. Dai Man Zoku – Ni Hotate Mentai Scallop
  16. Dai Man Zoku – Ni Hotate Teriyaki
  17. Dai Man Zoku – No Hotate (Boiled Scallop)
  18. Dai Man Zoku – Unagi (Eel)
  19. Dai Man Zoku – Wagyu (Beef)
  20. Dai Man Zoku -Salmon Belly
  21. Ebi (Boiled Shrimp)
  22. Ebi Tempura Temaki
  23. Hokkigai (Surf Clam)
  24. Ika (Cuttlefish)
  25. Ikura Temaki
  26. Inari (Sweet Beancurd)
  27. Kaisen Spicy Ramen
  28. Kamo (Smoked Duck)
  29. Kanifumi (Crabstick)
  30. Maguro Temaki
  31. Osakana Mayo Temaki
  32. Ramen
  33. Salmon
  34. Salmon Temaki
  35. Soseji (Sausage)
  36. Spicy Maguro Temaki
  37. Spicy Salmon Temaki
  38. Tako (Octapus)
  39. Tamago (Egg)
  40. Tobikka Temaki
  41. Ungai Temaki
  42. Yaki Corn
  43. Yaki Saba (Mackarel)